Institute for Advanced
Management Systems Research

An independent institute for advanced studies An incorporated research institute that aims at becoming an Industrial Centre of Excellence Works with virtual teams of postdoc researchers The virtual teams are built to correspond to the needs of industrial projects Postdoc researchers from cooperating research groups Headed by Prof Dr Christer Carlsson

IAMSR offers advanced knowledge and skills in analytics

Big data analytics for predictive maintenance Methods to handle, solve, manage complex dynamic processes [big data time series] in production, logistics Knowledge mobilisation to turn verbal insight and experience to mathematical models in operational, tactical and strategic planning [paper, pulp and sawmills] Planning of strategic giga-investments using real options modelling and algorithms Digital fusion of data, information and knowledge in support of digitalisation planning and operations Digital coaching to support the use of advanced analytical models; coaching that is user and context adaptive

IAMSR offers advanced knowledge, experience and skills in digitalisation

Digital wellness services for the young elderly: multiple wellness dimensions, combined and hybrid services, service platforms, adaptive coaching - Digital Wells Agile business models for digital services Multinational constructs for digital wellness services, design, development and implementation in multinational networks Productive and profitable use of digitalisation in management, logistics, production, maintenance, monitoring, planning, ICT services Impact of digitalisation in planning, problem solving and decision making in large industrial organisations, in public organisations and for SMEs, innovation networks, networks of start-ups, governments, etc.

IAMSR works on complex industrial, business and administration problems for which analytics and/or digitalisation will make a difference

Virtual, multi-national teams (of best available experts) composed for work with the problems and stakeholders Problem solutions worked out and implemented with stakeholders – in knowledge mobilization mode Project contracts with deliverables, milestones and deadlines Better results, well in time, at budget; full knowledge mobilisation for users Analytical solutions + visualisation / animation + support systems + ICT interfaces + digital coaching Theory, generic results published in journals, at international conferences Workshops, research seminars, blogs, webinars


Gezeliusgatan 2
20520 Åbo, Finland